Creating a Purposeful Presence Through Live-Streaming

While everyone else is doing posts, as a caring coach , you can be live streaming to expand your reach in the community, establish trust and authority and connect with potential clients!

Live Streaming Services

Get the best service for your live stream with us.

You want to reach more clients.

You want to expand your visibility and amplify your services.

It can be tough when you are working to run your business. Many decisions need to be made constantly and time is limited and precious. There is no time to spare. 

Perhaps you just have no idea where and how to start. What camera do I need? What kind of microphone should I get? How demanding will this be? Can I take on another ‘project’?

Live video marketing is  one of the most powerful marketing strategies out there. Blogs, articles, graphics, and (dare I say) flyers, do not cut it anymore.

You want to grow and the fastest way is with video. Make it easy going live and establish more credibility and trust authentically.

You want to be known in your field for your unique contributions. You want to reach more people that need your services. You build more visibility and trust with your potential clients and community.

Live Streaming can do all of that for you! By getting on camera and sharing your message through interesting conversations and great guests, you too can establish your presence at an unbelievable speed.

We know the huge opportunity live streaming can create for increased visibility of services and care.

Now is the time to get live and connect with the world that needs you. 

Hi there! Deejae here.

Live Stream Strategist and Coach

I’m your live stream strategist and coach for mental health experts, clinicians, and professionals as well as mindset, life and transformational coaches. 

I love helping experts and professionals who help and heal, to expand their visibility, genuinely connect with more people, and grow their businesses through live streaming. 

If you are ready to market your services with a live show, pick a day and let’s talk right away!

Words From Happy Clients

Hear from those that know!

DeeJae’s professionalism and collective demeanor put me at ease. Her capacity and enthusiasm gave me a massive boost in confidence. She’s also a very smooth operator as a live streamer and producer of shows. If you ever need to produce a live show and don't know where to start.
Junaid Ahmed
Home Studio Architect | Podcaster
DeeJae is a lifesaver. Both in the business sense and in the literal sense. As a small business owner I sought out her help in branding and organizing my digital content across all social media platforms. I'm so pleased with all the hard work, insight, and thoughtfulness she outs into her work. I especially value her drive to be inclusive and it has inspired me in turn.
Dr. Alexandria Rosa
I've known DeeJae for a few years now, and she's incredibly helpful and encouraging when it comes to live streaming. I recently attended her masterclass on live streaming and I came away with so much information on how to publish a professional, high-quality live stream.
Juana Poareo
Accessability Consultant
DeeJae has the full package. She does live streams for a long time, she knows the feeling of being in front of the camera, and it is really important. She is very careful about the pre-event process, paying attention to all the details, and making sure everything will be seamless, and comfortable for their guests. In a nutshell, live streaming has 3 main skills: technological, technic, and social. In all the experiences I had with Deejae, she showed that manages confidently all of them.
Marco Novo
Producer | Speaker
DeeJae as a Host and Producer is one of the most professional people ive had the opportunity to work with doing a live stream show. I had a awesome time conversing with DeeJae on her show, It flowed smoothly. Her hard work for her brand and to the people she serves should not go unnoticed.
Philip Jones
Podcast Host | Dialysis Patient
Deciding to jump into doing LIVE streams can be SO intimidating! I was lucky enough to hire DeeJae to guide me through the process. She was super patient, helped me connect Streamyard to Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Additionally, she created my intro's and outro's for my live streams that perfectly matched my theme, vibe, and energy.
Anna Morgan
Talent Acquisition | Job Search Strategist Consultant

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